Monday, February 23, 2009


I finally got to attend FOSDEM this year. What a fascinating event it is - the most user-generated event I've ever seen in person. "More than an Un-Conference?", you might ask? Most definitely! Here's why:

-FOSS projects apply to have a room for one or two days during the two day event.
-The chosen projects are responsible for programing that space with content, be it "regular" talks, group meetings, or hacking space.
-Each group makes up their own schedule within the opening and closing time of the event.

There are invited talks too - very good ones I might add - but having the various projects settling their own agendas makes for a stimulating non-stop rush hour of interesting stuff to participate in. You definitely need a timepiece of some kind!

And if you happen to see a friend but don't have time to stop and talk - make the time! You likely won't run into them again! I made that mistake when I happened across an old friend, Teus Hagen of CACert.

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